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Starting a Party Room Business

Starting a Party Room business requires careful planning and research. It is important to select a location with high visibility and accessibility, design an appealing space that meets customer needs, implement efficient booking systems, and continuously monitor operations in order to improve services.

To edit a party room group, click the product and select the Schedule tab. Edit the session time, in this case 9 AM.

Home Party Room

If you want to host a big party in your home, having the right space is key. Home party rooms are ideal for birthdays, showers, grad parties and anniversaries—and can be more affordable than renting out a warehouse or mansion! Plus, they’re easy to decorate and turn into your own ambiance. The best part? Many of the spaces on Peerspace come with their own special touches that make it easier to style your event.

Take a look at the list of private party rooms on Peerspace and see which ones work for your next event. If you find a space that you like but doesn’t have everything you need, reach out to the local hosts on our platform—they’ll offer assistance with any vendors needed. They’ll help you create the perfect home party room for your event!


A party room requires decorations to transform into a fun environment for the celebration. Depending on the theme, these decorations might include tablecloths and centerpieces, banners and garlands, paper flowers and fans, streamers or themed posters. Balloons can be a great decoration, especially when you use them with a theme. You can find inflatable decorations at most party supply stores in a variety of shapes that fit many themes.

For a less expensive option, you can put up a few paper or foil lanterns in the room to add light and color. String lights are also a good idea and come in a range of colors, so you can match them to your party’s look.

Glow parties are a blast and can be an easy way to dress up a room for an event. You can buy glow paint and decorations at a party store, along with black lights and a disco ball. Adding these items will make the room look like something out of a movie.


The seating arrangements at your party will have a big impact on communication and the overall mood of the event. A crowded room can make guests feel uneasy and claustrophobic. Take the time to rearrange your furniture before the party starts. This may include taking out a coffee table or ottoman to be used as an appetizer station. It also means getting rid of any clutter and reorganizing the remaining furniture in a more efficient manner.

Place food and drink tables at the center of the party area, making sure to leave plenty of space for mingling on either side. If you have a guest of honor, it is best to seat them close to the bar or near any activities that will be going on. This allows them to fully participate and avoid interrupting those at other tables. Try to seat people who know one another together so they have natural conversation starters, or seat those with a common interest next to each other.


The Party Room has a large entrance and passage that is spacious enough to accommodate many guests for the bigger parties. It is separate from the main bar, so privacy and tranquility are maintained for your guests. This venue is a great option for birthdays, graduations and retirement celebrations.

The central area of the party room displays two large gift boxes, similar to those found in the title screen. Interacting with these presents causes them to open up and reveal a green key. The key floats towards the guardian on top of the house, where it can be used to unlock the door during Petscop 11.

This private event space is available in three hour windows. It includes unlimited play time in our two huge play gyms, interactive game floor, toddler area for the little ones and musical play space. Outside food and drinks are allowed (cake, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages) but wall decorations, silly string and confetti are prohibited.

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