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How to Decorate Your Party Room

If you’re looking to hold a kids party game idea in your home, consider transforming your dining room with frameless sliding glass doors. This will add natu ral light, make the area more spacious and allow for more privacy during parties.

Choose a party space with a high ceiling. Low ceilings can make a large room feel small and claustrophobic. Cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings are ideal.

Decorate the Walls

There are a lot of little details that go into making an event successful, from food and beverages to entertainment and decorations. But the decor doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to make a bold impact in the room for your party. Crepe paper streamers and balloons are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to hang. They can be used to create camera-worthy backdrops, stunning balloon frames, and creative chair decorations. They can even be twisted into crepe paper flowers to decorate the walls or ceiling.

You can also use framed photos or artwork to tie the room’s decor into your theme. For example, wedding anniversary parties can be decorated with photos of the guests of honor and their partners. Baby pictures work well for birthdays and other celebrations that celebrate specific people or life events. If you don’t want to ruin your venue’s walls with permanent decorations, try a set of twinkle lights or a BlissRadia light that cycles through rainbow colors for an easy, elegant look.

Inflatable Decorations

Many people choose to remodel their homes to include a room dedicated to socializing. If you don’t have the budget to make such a major renovation, you can still use a room in your home for parties by decorating it with an exciting theme.

Balloons can add a festive touch to any party. Purchase an air pump to easily inflate balloons, or rent a helium tank for more elaborate themes. Add a little flair to plain latex balloons by tying colorful scraps of ribbon 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) apart onto their strings.

Hang photos and other artwork on the walls with clothespins or binder clips, then run a length of string or ribbon across the ceiling for a fun garland look. You can also drape the string with crepe paper for a more elegant effect, and choose from several colors to match your party’s theme. Make sure the ceiling has a high enough height to accommodate the guests you’re inviting.


Table designs are the hallmark of any party, and tablecloths set the stage for your overall design. From kid-friendly plastic covers to upscale cloth linens for five-star venues, table covers are available in many colors and styles to suit any theme or occasion.

When shopping for linens, pay special attention to the fabric type and overall drape of the cover. For formal events, you’ll want a fabric with a 12 inch drop or longer; for casual events, 6-8 inch drops are adequate.

You can also use tablecloths as wall decor, creating unique backdrops for photos or other activities. Using tablecloths as wallpaper is a cheap, easy way to transform a room and add visual interest. For a more elegant look, choose a patterned tablecloth and tie the overlay fabric in the back and sides to create a stunning cascade effect. Then, hang a floral decoration to hide the tie and complete the look. It’s a great way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to any party.


Having good quality photos of the kids party game idea can help to convey the visual appeal that you have envisioned in your mind’s eye for the event. It’s also important to capture some candid shots of the people attending the party. Be sure to take close-ups, medium shots and distance shots of your subjects. It’s best to shoot in RAW image format when possible because of the dynamic lighting conditions and fast-paced nature of parties. This gives you more flexibility during the post-production phase to correct things like white balance and exposure, which are very difficult to do in JPEG image formats. Capture the subtle range of emotions that can be expressed at a party–dismay when a detail goes wrong, conspiratorial conversations and inside jokes, expressions of shyness from wallflowers.

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