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How to Decorate the Walls of Your Party Room

Many families build and remodel their homes to include a dedicated party room game idea It could be a dining room, living room or additional den.

Regardless of the location in your home, the design will help guests to have fun and feel at ease in this space. Frameless interior glass windows are a perfect choice to complement and invite a spacious ambiance.

Decorate the Walls

Decorating the walls in your Party Room is an important step in creating a festive atmosphere for the celebration. Decorate the walls with photos or artwork that fit the theme of your event. For example, use baby pictures for a baby shower or family portraits for a holiday party.

You can also hang decorative items from the ceiling in your party space. To do so, measure the height of the ceiling in your party room and cut lengths of gossamer fabric a few feet longer than that measurement. Then tack the panels to the ceiling using thumbtacks.

When hanging decorations on painted surfaces, opt for poster-hanging tape or special hooks that pull cleanly from painted walls. Standard tape is likely to damage painted walls, especially if pulled off hastily.

Hang Photos or Artwork

Theme-related artwork, pictures of the guest of honor or photographs of fun events are a nice touch in a party room. You can also hang pretty dishes, platters or trays, wall shelves, sconces and other decorative pieces that fit your theme.

Hanging photos or art requires careful planning, especially if your walls have delicate paint. Search the web for “how to hang party decorations without damaging walls,” and consider using command hooks or painters tape for best results.

Typically, artwork should be hung so that its center is about 57-60 inches from the floor. This is eye level for the average height person and works well in most rooms.

Hang Streamers

Streamers are one of the most inexpensive decorations that can have a big impact on your party space. They’re easy to hang and come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate them with your color theme.

For a more professional look, twist the lengths of streamers about four or five times and secure them to the wall. This looks beautiful when done around a window or in a doorway.

If you want to make a backdrop for a photo booth, use lengths of crepe paper in block colors or a rainbow to create a beautiful wall that will make your guests smile as they pose for their pictures.

Hang Balloons

Blow up lots of balloons of different sizes, then fix them to the wall using Blu-Tak, Balloon Stickups or removable 3M pads. Get creative with colours and add numbers for a birthday message or shapes to create a fun backdrop.

You can also hang balloons from the ceiling using masking tape or command strips. Alternatively, you can use curling ribbon to tie bunches together and drape them from the ceiling.

Another great way to hang balloons is by using glue dots – these are similar to painter’s tape and are designed to remove without leaving any marks or sticky residue. This is especially good if you are decorating a party room game idea that may be used afterwards by children.

Hang String Lights

Add a warm glow to your party space with string lights. Use them to frame a photo booth, create an accent wall or illuminate a tented ceiling for a backlit focal point. Choose a set of string lights with clear or colored bulbs to fit your theme. If you plan to use them all year, look for a brand that stores stock for easy replacements.

Hanging string lights from a wall or ceiling is a relatively simple process, but you do need a ladder for safety reasons. If you don’t want to drill holes into your walls, buy damage-free hanging hooks like Command strips or stick-on hooks that can be removed easily.

Use Candles

Candles are the perfect accent for a room and add a soft, warm glow. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and scents, so you can create a unique feel to the space.

For dinner parties, candles can set the mood for a relaxing evening. The candles should be lit about ten minutes before you serve dinner so that the wicks are burning and the room feels cozy by the time your guests sit down to eat.

Lanterns and hurricane shades are good ways to display candles and limit their brightness. Alternatively, use decorative trays to unify a collection of candles and create a stunning focal point for a table or mantle.

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