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How to Decorate a Party Room

A Party Room is a room designed to hold parties and celebrations. Typically, these rooms are able to accommodate large groups and have plenty of space for movement. They may also have amenities such as food buffets and drink stations.

Some people choose to make their party rooms into dining rooms, gathering rooms or additional dens. In these cases, the party rooms need to be able to function as normal living spaces when not used for celebrations.

Party Decorations

There’s no easier way to set a party mood than with decorations. Use balloons, streamers and other simple decorations to create a focal point for the main room where your party is taking place. For example, you might create a balloon chandelier to add height to the main room at your birthday party.

Alternatively, drape a fabric like burlap or muslin over tables or columns to add a soft and natural look to your party decor. This works well for more casual parties.

For more formal parties, lace and other fabric decorations are easy ways to give the room a sophisticated look. Consider a monochromatic color scheme to make it easier on your budget. For more whimsical decor ideas, tie photos or other artwork to the end of a string of balloons. This is a fun idea for themed parties such as a Sesame Street party or a New Year’s Eve celebration. You can also hang photos of the guest of honor on the walls at a special occasion party.


Balloons are a classic party decoration. They come in many different colours and can match almost any theme. Custom balloons allow you to add your logo or personalised message for a one of a kind decoration that will be remembered.

Fill your event space with our ceiling balloons that add a magical touch to any party. They’re easy to use, affordable and look great in photos.

Foil and latex balloons are a quick way to dress up any room for any occasion. Add some pink and blue to a baby shower or gender reveal or spice up Cinco de Mayo with some bright green and red balloons. For a more festive look, tie ribbons to them in the colour palette of your event. They’re also a great addition to goodie bags for party guests to take home.

String Lights

When you want to create a fun, romantic lighting effect at your party, nothing beats string lights. These luminous decor elements come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can use them to match your event’s theme.

For a sophisticated look, try LED string lights, such as those from Pottery Barn. These lights have a long lifespan, operate efficiently and are cool-to-the-touch. They’re also versatile and can be hung from above or wrapped around items on tables or other surfaces.

If you’re throwing your daughter a princess birthday party, outline her doorways with pink and white tulle and intertwine fairy lights in the tulle. You can even hang these light-up decorations over the gift and cake tables. Many of these string lights have multiple modes, such as twinkle, fading or color changing. These strands can be set to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time, which will help you conserve energy and keep the lights from overheating.


Many homeowners build or remodel their homes to include a Party Room. Often this is a dining area or second den, but it can also be a living room or even a kitchen. The space needs to be big enough to hold your biggest parties, but it should also have segmented spaces for guests to engage in intimate conversations. Frameless interior glass doors make it easy to open up the space for a party and then close it back up afterward.

Take lots of photos during the party, but be sure to take them in RAW format rather than JPEG. This will allow you to have more control over the white balance and exposure in post-production. Also, be sure to shoot in a wide range of angles, including close-ups, medium shots and distance shots. This will give you a better variety of images for your party slideshows and social media posts. Also, don’t forget to capture some behind the scenes shots as well!

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